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Minoritized students in data fields are significantly less likely to see themselves in the classroom than their white and Asian peers.


We created a new metric called the institutional parity score, which compares representation by race/ethnicity and gender in data fields.


This interactive map shows parity scores at hundreds of schools across the United States. Click on a state to see all the schools and their scores. You can explore by institution type and race and gender. 

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  • HBCUs include all historically black colleges and universities that were established prior to 1964.

  • HSI stands for Hispanic Serving Institutions, a federal designation for institutions of higher education that enroll at least 25% Hispanic undergraduate full-time students.

  • PWI Predominantly white institution is used to describe institutions of higher education in which 50% or greater of the student enrollment is white. 


U.S. Department of Education National Centers for Science and Engineering Statistics 2018 Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering


Data science (DS) graduate students are operationalized as those enrolled in a full time Master's or Doctoral degree program in Computer and Information Systems (i.e., GSS codes: 410, 411 and 412) or Mathematics and Statistics (GSS codes: 402 and 403).

2018 Taulbee Survey results on CS and IS faculty across its 164 responding institutions by race, ethnicity and gender.


 Data Science Colleges and Universities

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