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About Us


Data aptitude is one of the most sought-after, high-demand, well-compensated and transferable skills out there. Yet obtaining these skills remains a struggle for minoritized groups who face barriers not only to entering the field but also persisting. While graduate level degree programs are forming rapidly, the field remains overwhelmingly white and Asian.

We built this site to fix that!

Our Story

Our vision for this work is to make data science and data related fields more equal. Dr. Brandeis Marshall and Dr. Thema Monroe-White, data professors who are leading this work, met while Dr. Marshall was giving a talk at Georgia Tech several years ago. As the only Black women at the event, they found each other. After their first meeting, they enthusiastically agreed to collaborate and started publishing papers on the inequities of data education in the U.S.

This work is a step in a series of visualizations and recommendations they plan to create to ensure minoritized groups in data fields are not only included and welcomed but are also thriving in and leading the field. 

Meet The Team


Dr. Brandeis Marshall

Dr. Brandeis Marshall teaches, speaks and writes about the impact of data practices on technology and society. Her work contributes to the data engineering, data science, and data/computer science education fields. Through DataedX, she guides current tech workers in building data equity skills. Her first book, Data Conscience: Algorithmic Siege on our Humanity, is expected to be released later this year. It unearths the interlocking computational and civic implications of data on digital processes, structures and institutions.


Dr. Marshall holds a Ph.D. and Master of Science in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Rochester. She is on sabbatical leave from Spelman College, where she is a Full Professor of Computer Science.


Danielle Veal

Danielle Veal  is an international educator, evaluator, and data storyteller revolutionizing how data and information are collected, analyzed and shared with key stakeholders to improve outcomes for schools, organizations, and communities.


Jessica Traynor

Jessica Traynor is Director Good Impact at Good Research, a data privacy firm that develops programs and resources to build a better foundation of knowledge around data and privacy. Working in education, philanthropy and technology, Jessica runs with ideas, developing them into robust and successful programs.  As someone who thrives in ambiguity, Jessica helps leaders articulate their vision, develop and execute their plans, and engage stakeholders. A former teacher, she loves helping people discover their strengths. Jessica has a BS in communication from Cornell University and an MEd from Loyola University Maryland. 


Dr. Thema Monroe-White

Dr. Thema Monroe-White is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Data Analytics at Berry College. Her research is concerned with racial equity in STEM fields with a special emphasis on information technology, analytics, and data science. She is particularly interested in understanding the innovative pathways that lead to the economic and social empowerment of underrepresented people of color. She was named to the Bureau of Labor Statistics technical advisory committee as a special government employee data scientist and has received multiple National Science Foundation awards to study diversity in entrepreneurship and STEM fields.  


Dr. Monroe-White holds a Ph.D. in science, technology, and innovation policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology as well as Master's and Bachelor’s degrees from Howard University.


Denise Dixon- Cooper

Denise Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Noir Elite, a full-service marketing company specializing in creating innovative strategies and Website Design for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Her clients include the Brookings Institute where she led the marketing and distribution of the Race, Prosperity and Inclusion Initiative’s Mobility Enhancing Social Network Study and The Trayvon Martin Foundation where she oversees the development and implementation of the organization’s online presence 


Dr. Susan R Geier

Susan R Geier, PhD is an independent program evaluation expert specializing in STEM related educational outreach and career development projects. Susan’s first career in small business management spanned over 15 years and included project development and management. Her work focuses on adult learning, career management, and enhancing educational outreach programs.     


DataedX Group LLC, a woman-owned startup, is dedicated to broadening participation in data skills and careers. Using publicly available datasets, we are highlighting data education inequities in the United States at the Masters level, by race/ethnicity, gender and geography. By highlighting the unevenness of data education opportunities we aim to be a catalyst in democratizing data skills attainment across race, gender, socioeconomic status and geography.


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